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Robbin Hall 
Robbin is a lifetime car junkie- starting in a body shop as a teenager, and later working in franchise stores before becoming a wholesaler in the Portland Metro Area. He can chat you up about anything automotive, whether it's a classic car or something recent, working on a motor, or finding signs of an accident. His extensive experience will help guide you to make an informed decision about your next vehicle, and feel great about it for years. The extensive travel and pace of wholesaling hundreds of cars a month for years brought Robbin to a point where he took a few years off to travel North America with his wife before he returned to Vancouver to find his next challenge. Having done business with Kirk at the Franchise Store level for as long as they could remember, Robbin and Kirk realized they were at the same point in life, and partnered up with the goal of building a trustworthy business that people could get an excellent vehicle for much less money than a high overhead franchise store, and much higher quality than most independent stores. 

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